This page lists forms used for teacher certification.  (Forms for music education are on the Conservatory of Music website.)  Forms can be completed in Microsoft Word or printed and filled in by hand.

Forms may be submitted as Word or PDF files or on paper.  A paper form may be scanned into a PDF file using the copier in the library.  No photos of forms will be accepted.

Admission to the Teacher Education Program

To apply to the Teacher Education Program, pick up a Teacher Certification Handbook from the Education Department (Briggs 117, mornings) and complete the application and recommendation forms below.

  • Application for Admission - Submit the completed application to the Education Department.  To be admitted, you must have passed one education course with practicum and have a composite GPA of 2.75 or higher.
  • Recommendation for Admission - Have three recommendations sent to the Education Department, including one from your faculty advisor.
  • Admission Checklist - After your interview, you will receive a copy of this checklist with your admission letter.  If denied admission, you may be invited to reapply when requirements are met. 

Course Practicums

The following forms are used for course practicums.  (These are generic versions; course-specific versions may be provided in class or on Canvas.)

  • Principal Letter - Give this letter to the school secretary to identify you as a student enrolled in a Lawrence teacher education course.
  • Teacher Letter & Approval Form - Give this letter to the teacher(s) you will observe, and return the approval form(s) to your professor by the end of week 2.
  • Practicum Self-Assessment - Complete this form to reflect on your practicum experience, and return it to your professor by the end of week 10.  Practicum self-assessments are kept on file and included in your pre-student teaching portfolio.
  • Practicum Evaluation - Have your mentor teacher(s) complete this form to certify the number of hours completed and rate your performance. The form should be returned to your professor or the department by the end of week 10.  It will be kept on file and included in your pre-student teaching portfolio.

Entry into Student Teaching

The following forms are required before you may begin student teaching.

  • Pre-Student Teaching Commentary - Complete this form and include it in your pre-student teaching portfolio.  It asks you to reflect on your progress toward the teacher education program standards.
  • Pre-Student Teaching Checklist - An education faculty member will complete this checklist as you prepare to begin student teaching.  The checklist is kept on file in the Education Department.

Student Teaching

The following forms are used during student teaching.

  • Student Teacher Observation - Your university supervisor will complete this form when observing your teaching. Copies will be given to you and your cooperating teacher and kept on file in the department.
  • Student Teaching Evaluation - Your cooperating teacher and university supervisor will each complete an evaluation at the midpoint and end of student teaching.  Evaluations are kept on file in the department.

Program Completion