Advising for Classics Majors

The Classics Department offers two concentrations: Classical Civilizations and Classical Languages and Literatures.

Students must choose one of these two concentrations and should do so early in their academic career, ideally by the end of the sophomore year.  It is certainly possible to switch concentrations, but it becomes more difficult to do so over time.

The concentration in Classical Civilizations combines the study of Greek or Latin with coursework in ancient history, society, and culture, and is intended for students who wish to engage with the ancient world from multiple disciplinary perspectives.

The concentration in Classical Languages and Literatures focuses on the study of Latin and Greek literature in the original languages, and is especially recommended for those students who are planning to go on to graduate study in classics.

We also offer minors in Classical Civilizations and in Greek or Latin.

If you’re interested in pursuing a major in Classics, we’d love to get to know you and talk over your options with you. Please get in touch with either Adriana Brook or Randall McNeill.


Classics Courses at a Glance