Quick facts about introductory chemistry and advanced placement:

  • A score of 4 or 5 on the AP Chemistry exam entitles the earner to six college credits.
  • The introductory chemistry sequence at Lawrence includes Chem 115 and 116.
  • Students with experience in IB/AP chemistry, or with other strong chemistry backgrounds, may consider starting the introductory sequence at Chem 116.
  • Students that wish to place out of 115 and proceed to 116 must take a placement exam (see below) on Moodle and score 75% (18.75/25) on that test.
  • Students that place into 116 without AP/IB exam scores will not earn college credit for Chem 115, and Chem 115 will not appear on their college transcripts. 
  • Medical, dental and pharmacy schools typically require two "inorganic" chemistry courses on applicants' transcripts. Students that proceed directly to Chem 116 by placement exam may consider fulfilling this requirement by taking Inorganic (320) or Analytical (210) Chemistry in addition to Chem 116. In some cases, a letter from our department chair explaining our introductory chemistry policy is sufficient.

Chemistry Placement Examination


The placement exam is a set of 25 questions available on the Lawrence Moodle site. Students must present their own work, and they will need both a standard general chemistry text (especially for information such as a periodic table, values of important physical constants, and the like) and a calculator. A link to an online textbook is available from the exam page. Since the exam score may allow a student to go directly to CHEM 116, the questions deal with topics that are covered in CHEM 115, including atomic and molecular structure, periodic properties, general stoichiometry, gases, and the like. Review of those or related topics before taking the exam is likely to be helpful and is strongly encouraged.

To take the exam, follow this link, read the instructions, and take the assessment quiz.