Ten to fourteen year old students get a taste of laboratory research with Lawrence science majors. Every year, the labs focus around a different theme. The young students hear a brief background talk from our scientists, rotate through three labs mentored by Lawrence students, and return to ask questions of our faculty.

The Lawrence University Biology Department has sponsored science outreach days since 1998.

Past Science Lab Days

2015:  Bringing Fossils to Life

2014: Evolutionary Concepts

2013: Being Human

2012: Call of the Wild

2011: Some Like It Hot

2010: Watershed Worlds

2009: Science Clues

2008: Change at the Poles

2007: Inside the Fox River

2006: Mysteries of Earth and Mars

2005: Vanishing Wetlands

2004: Rainforests at the Crossroads

2003: Shore to Sea

2002: Frozen Worlds

2001: Going to Extremes

2000: Rainforests—A Wet & Wild Adventure

1999: Oceans of Earth and Beyond

1998: Journey from the Center of the Earth

Topics for the next Science Lab Day are under consideration