Education and Training

2009  Karolinska Institute, Sweden
  Department of Biosciences and Nutrition
  Research Scientist, Fulbright Scholar (sabbatical)
  Lab of Peter Swoboda

2000 - 2001 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  Department of Biology
  Research Scientist (sabbatical)
  Lab of H. Robert Horvitz

1989 – 1992 University of Wisconsin, Madison
  Department of Genetics
  Post-doctoral Fellow
  Advisor: Philip Anderson

1983 - 1988 Brown University
  Program in Molecular Biology, Cell Biology and Biochemistry
  Ph.D. in Biology and Medicine
  Thesis Advisor:  Albert Dahlberg

1979 - 1983 Lawrence University
  B.A. in Biology, summa cum laude, in independent study    

Professional Appointments

2012-present Senior Editor, Educational Primers, GENETICS
F2009- present Biology Department Chair, Lawrence University
2009  Visiting Scientist, Karolinska Institute, Sweden
2009-present Professor of Biology
2008  Faculty, Lawrence University London Centre
2006-2007 Faculty Associate to the President, Lawrence University
2002-2004 Director, Freshman Studies, Lawrence University
2000-2001 Visiting Scientist, Dept. of Biology, MIT
1999-present  Raymond H. Herzog Professor of Science, Lawrence University
1998-2009 Associate Professor of Biology, Lawrence University
1992-1998 Assistant Professor of Biology, Lawrence University
1989-1992   Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Wisconsin-Madison
1988-1989 Assistant Professor, Sabbatical Replacement, Lawrence University
1984-1985 Graduate Teaching Assistant, Brown University

Grants and Awards

2011 NSF-MRI: Acquisition of confocal microscopy instrumentation for undergraduate research and research training (with co-PIs) $552,666
2010 Sherman-Fairchild equipment grant “Sense and Sensibility” (committee effort)
2009 Fulbright Scholarship for Research
2005 NIH AREA 3 year grant
           “Involvement of a K+ Channel in C. elegans Male Behavior”
2000 NSF POWRE; 1 year grant
           "Myosin heads and muscle assembly in C. elegans"
1999 NIH AREA 3 year grant
   "Suppressors of paralysis in C. elegans"
1996 Excellent Young Teacher Award, Lawrence University
           NSF ARI grant; "Computer Imaging System for Research", Co-PI
1994 Award for Excellence in Teaching Freshman Studies, Lawrence Univ.
          Listed in Who's Who in Science and Engineering
1993 NIH AREA 3 year grant
   "Mutagenesis of C. elegans using N-ethyl-N-nitrosourea"
          NSF RUI 5 year grant
   "The Role of Myosin Heads in Muscle Assembly"
1990 Robert G. Sampson Neuromuscular Disease Fellowship
          Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, National Institutes of Health -- Declined
          Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, National Cancer Society -- Declined
1989  NIH Postdoctoral Training Grant, University of Wisconsin-Madison
1988  Barry J. Rosen Memorial Award in Molecular Biology
              for Doctoral Dissertation of Outstanding Merit,  Brown University

Professional Activities

2012 - present, Senior Editor of Educational Primers, Genetics
2011- present, Education Committee Chair, Genetic Society of America
2010 - 2013, Director, Genetic Society of America Board of Directors (elected)
2010 - present, Committee member, GRE Biochemistry, Cell, Molecular Biology Exam, Educational Testing Service, Princeton, NJ, Molecular Biology Chair 2013-
2007 - present, textbook reviewer, Prentice Hall Publishing
2010   Chair of education workshop, GSA Conference: Model Organisms to Human Biology
2009 - present, textbook reviewer, Holt McDougal Publishing
2009 - present, textbook reviewer, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing
2008 - present, GRE Biochemistry, Cell  & Molecular Biology Test Development & Review
2008 - 2009, textbook reviewer, WH Freeman
2006 - 2010, grant review panel, NSF minority post-doctoral program, Washington, D.C.
2005 - 2006, textbook reviewer for McDougal Littell, division of Houghton Mifflin
1998 - 2005, textbook reviewer for Simon & Schuster/ Prentice Hall publishers
1993 - 2003 ad hoc reviewer of grant proposals for NSF Cell Biology panel
1997 - 2000, grant review panel for NSF Cell Biology, Washington, D.C.

Professional Memberships

Phi Beta Kappa
Genetics Society of America
Sigma Xi - Scientific Research Society

Publications  (*Lawrence undergraduate)

De Stasio, Elizabeth A., H. Ulrich Göringer, William E. Tapprich, and Albert E. Dahlberg (1988)  Probing ribosome function through mutagenesis of ribosomal RNA IN:  NATO: ASI Series Genetics of Translation, (M.F. Tuite, M. Bolotin-Fukuhara & M. Picard, eds.) Springer-Verlag, Berlin, pp. 17-41.

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Shi, W., X.Y. Kong, Z.M. Wang, S.S. Yu, H.X. Chen, E.A. De Stasio (2013) Pause-melting misalignment: a novel model for the birth and otif indel of tandem repeats in the mitochondrial genome.  BMC Genomics 114:103. doi:  10.1186/1471-2164-14-103

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Elizabeth De Stasio, Yagmur Esemen*, Jessica Korzynski*, Gaelen Lombard-Knapp*, Prasad Phirke, Brian Piasecki, Debora Sugiaman, Peter Swoboda, Lu Yu*, Kelsey Wolfe*, He Zhang*  Post-embryonic roles of the DAF-19 Transcription Factor.  Manuscript in Preparation.

Invited Publications

E. De Stasio (2004) Genetic Research has not yet tackled big identity questions.  The Appleton Post Crescent.

E. De Stasio (2011) “Breaking through the Spiral Ceiling” Book Review.  CUR Quarterly Volume 32(1):8.

E. A. De Stasio (2012) Suppressor, Screen, and Genes: An Educational Primer for Use with “A Network of Genes Antogonistic to the LIN-35 Retinoblastoma Protein of Caenorhabditis elegans.  Genetics 191:10311035.

E.A. De Stasio (2013) The 2013 Genetics Society of America Elizabeth W. Jones award for excellence in education: A. Malcolm Campbell.  Genetics 194(1):11-13.