H. Schenck

H. SchenckArtist, Dallas, TX
Website: www.hschenck.com
Email: hschenck@hschenck.com

Artist Statement: H. Schenck explores systems of social navigation by creating environments that inspire understanding, sympathy, and acceptance. H. Schenck uses a methodological aesthetic in conjunction with everyday objects/video recordings/images to explore the normalcy and struggle of navigating social structures.  Individuals’ constructed identities are in constant flux, dependent on their location, other people, state of mind, current financial status, etc. Schenck investigates the gray areas surrounding individual’s right to choose their identity, society’s categorization of the individual, and the flexibility, or non-flexibility, of an individual’s ability to move from group to group. Schenck’s work, while being derived from their own personal experience, allows viewers to associate their own modes of navigation in regards to these struggles.

The work is informed by the interaction with others and seeking out experiences with new environments. Through a keen awareness of surroundings, community, and interests, H. is able to foster an interdisciplinary art practice. Visually, H. Schenck’s work has been presented as prints, sculptures, drawings, photographs, videos, and installations. By utilizing different types of media, H. Schenck’s working process parallels their conceptual exploration of navigating identity. Mediums, finished pieces, and installations act as metaphors for the ever-changing representations of self. Each presentation is specific to a current working process that correlates with a period of time/location.

Speaker Bio: H. Schenck is an interdisciplinary artist working in Dallas, TX. H received their BFA degree in printmaking at Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois. H then went on to study intermedia and received their MFA at the University of Texas Arlington. H’s work has been shown nationally and internationally through juried/curated exhibitions in Illinois, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Texas, Washington, and Berlin, Germany. H. Schenck has presented research topics at the Modern Museum of Art in Fort Worth, the Dallas Museum of Art, Murray State University in Kentucky, and Pilchuck School of Glass in Washington. In addition to lecturing at Pilchuck School of Glass, H worked as the Printshop Coordinator and Master printer. H. Schenck is the current Vice President of Dallas’ older run artist co-op, 500X, a member of the artist collective Art Beef Art, and works as a lecturer at the University of Texas Arlington. H actively engages with their community through teaching workshops at museums and community centers, jurying local art exhibitions, curating exhibitions, talking on panels, and collaborating with other artist groups such as Aphophenia Underground, Deep Ellum Windows, Performance SW, and CentralTrak Residency.

Sponsored by: The Paper Fox Printmaking Workshop, The Dyrud Family Collaboration Grant, and the Art & Art History Department