All individuals involved in conducting in human subjects research must complete a Lawrence-approved training course in order to be certified as a human subjects researcher.  In addition, all IRB committee members must complete training. The IRB will not process any new protocol applications until all members of the research team have completed the required training.

How do I complete the mandatory human subjects research training program?

CITI Program Training

Lawrence University provides human subjects research certification through the CITI Program.  To begin training you must first register for an account with the CITI Program.  Once you have an account and log in you will be asked a series of questions about the research you plan to conduct.  Note: Do not select continuing education credits when asked. The only course you are required to take is the Human Subjects Research course, which is listed under Question 2; however, the IRB strongly encourages students to complete of the Responsible Conduct of Research course, listed under Question 3, in addition to the required Human Subjects Research course. Please do not enroll in any other courses other than those listed under Question 2 and Question 3.

Click here to begin the CITI Program Human Subjects training.  You should register for an "Organizational Affiliation" account.  Your organizational affiliation is Lawrence University.  Do not choose continuing education credits when asked.  Do not enroll in any courses other than Human Subjects Research (Question 2) and Responsible Conduct of Research (Question 3).  The latter is optional.  The required Human Subjects Research course takes approximately 5 hours to complete, but can be completed over several days and at your own pace. 

Click here for instructions on registering for CITI Program and navigating the site.