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Lawrence students walking on a paved path with an academic hall in the background. Students are in small groups smiling and talking.

Lawrence University is a liberal arts college with a conservatory of music that is located in Appleton, Wisconsin, a small city in the northeast part of Wisconsin. Ranked among the best of the nation's small, private colleges, Lawrence enrolls about 1,500 undergraduates from 49 states and from more than 45 other countries. Students at Lawrence are required to live on campus, creating a small, supportive community of learners. Class sizes are small, typically ranging from 10 - 40 students, and learning through class discussion is considered an important part of a Lawrence education. Take a Virtual Tour of the Lawrence Campus.

The CS-L and Pathway Program

The CS-L Program at Lawrence University has hosted exchange visitors from Waseda University since 2002. In 2020, we started the new Pathway Program to welcome students from around the world for a year of study on our campus.*  The CS-L and Pathway Programs share the same classes and events, emphasizing skills for thriving at an American university, including academic English proficiency and cultural competency. Students take classes in English language and American culture as well as electives in Lawrence University academic disciplines.

  • The CS-L Program is a one-year study abroad experience for students from Waseda University.
  • The Pathway Program is a one-year university preparation program for students planning to pursue an undergraduate degree at Lawrence.*

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Pathway Program
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Apply to the CS-L program at Lawrence

Interested students should contact the Center for International Education at Waseda University for information about the application process.

Apply to the Pathway Program at Lawrence

Interested students should contact International Admissions at Lawrence University for information about the application process.

Program Staff

Director Cecile Despres-Berry. She is smiling, wearing a pink shirt, and her hair is up in a ponytail.

Cecile C. Despres-Berry
Director of ESL, CS-L and Pathway Program
ESL course instructor




Program assisstant Anna Farrell. She is smiling, wearing a black and white striped sweater, and has short brown hair.

Anna Farrell
CS-L and Pathway Program Assistant
American Society and ESL course instructor
Cultural programs and Mentor programs



Program Mentor Celeste Reyes. She is smiling, wearing clear glasses, and has black bangs.

Celeste Reyes
CS-L and Pathway Program Mentor




Midushi Ghimire
CS-L and Pathway Program Mentor

Marcy O'Mally
Director of International Admissions