Student Testimonials

“Summer Institute was like a practice run for everything that happens at Lawrence, and I think that was my biggest takeaway.  If you’re given an opportunity to perform better, or to prepare yourself so that you can perform better, then why not take it?”

“I knew that the students from the SI were there for me...  I knew that they were my support group.  Just being around them really helped boost my confidence.”
“If not for the academics, come for the support you will find from your teachers, and the friends you will make here.”

“I think I found my family in SI, and that’s something that you can’t replace.  [SI] helps you find resources, helps you find a support group, and helps you build relationships with your professors.”

“I learned how inviting, and how helpful, and how caring the students and the faculty are. Having that nurturing environment really helped me grow as a person and as a student.”


“Now I knew what was expected of me; now I knew what it took to be a Lawrentian. SI really helped me to grow as a student.  I felt my confidence as a student improve in that I could take in information and not be scared of it.”


“SI helped me tremendously with my social interactions.  One of the things that comes with being with a small group of people all doing something for the first time is that you start to form a bond with them.  Life experiences are all different, but on top of that there is a sense of genuine friendship and open-mindedness.  The people in SI became my core friend group and my core support group.  To have a social group that you can depend on as a support group is the most important thing you can have in college.  Having a network of people that you can trust and depend on is what will get you through college.”