Meet Your SI Program Assistants (PAs) for Fall 2021!

Mystique Evans

Hi everyone. My name is Mystique and I am a rising Junior at Lawrence. I'm majoring in Cello performance. I've involved in lots of activities related to the Conservatory of Music and music in general. Some of my favorite spots on campus include the Library, Warch, the Conservatory, and my room... I can't choose! Y’all are gonna grow so much, make such a lovely community of friends, and you’ll get so much more comfortable and prepared for your freshman year! So get excited ‘cause this is gonna be such a great experience for you.



Jelani Jones   

  Hi all, my name is Jelani Jones. I'm an upcoming Super-Senior (or 5th Year student) majoring in Music Education. On campus, I am a member of the Fiddlers of Lawrence University (Fiddle Club). My favorite place on campus is the Julie Esch Hurvis Center for Spiritual and Religious Life because it’s a very peaceful place (it's on the corner of Meade St. and Alton St.) Why should students be excited for SI? As someone who was a part of the program in their first year, I can say that the program definitely develops lasting friendships. For me, the program made me feel at home at Lawrence.


Rachel Joo

Hey everyone! My name is Rachel Joo and I am a rising sophomore at Lawrence. I am planning to major in biology and minor in music performance (cello). I am currently on the board of CODA (Committee of Diversity Affairs), a member of Pan-Asian Organization as well as the Lawrence Christian Fellowship, and I work on campus in the science department as a biology stockroom intern. I have so many spots that I love on campus but one of my favorite spots is the trail that is right next to Trever Hall because I enjoy going on morning walks or runs with my friends there in the morning and just to take a breather before I start my day. I think students should be excited for Summer Institute because of the awesome activities and workshops that the PAs and Rose help put together to make the program as engaging and useful as possible as well as the helpful resources you will be able to get out of the program. I look forward to working with and meeting you all this summer!


Matvei Mozhaev     

Hello all! I'm heading into my Junior year and am majoring in International Relations with Minors in Trombone Performance and Studio Art. Some of the ways I'm engaging at Lawrence is by being a Community Advisor, a Writing Tutor, and a Lawrentian Public Advocate and Illustrator. I also volunteer as a Matriculate Advising Fellow. I participate in a Trombone Ensemble and Volleyball Intramurals, and am going to be a Junior Advisor for Lambda Sigma this coming year, along with a variety of engagement with our student government, Lawrence University Community Council. Some of my favorite places on campus are International House because it's a very nice place to study when it's not busy, otherwise I love being wherever my friends or partner are, cuz I love them. Why should you be excited for SI? You don't need to stand in a line for like 5 minutes to get food in the cafeteria.


Elina Nguyen  

Hello! I'm Elina, an upcoming Senior for this fall.
I'm majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Economics. My involvement on campus and in the community include being an SI Program Assistant and an International Admissions Ambassador. My favorite spot on campus is Wellness Center, where I can enjoy dancing and playing sports with my friends. You should be excited for SI because the SI Program offers a preview of college life both academically and socially, which is a great opportunity for freshmen to get a glimpse at Lawrence college life and adjust to it smoothly.


Tomi Oladunjoye    

Hi all - I'm Tomi (Toe-Me) Oladunjoye. I'm a rising junior this year. On campus, I'm involved as part of the SOL studios board (Students Of Lawrence Studio). One of my favorite places on campus is the studio - its something you can't explain, you would have to experience it for yourself. Get excited for Summer Institute - not only will you get an idea on what Lawrence is, you get a jump start from the rest of your class so when they're running around looking for their classes, you patiently wait for them.


Preston Parker   

I'm heading into my Junior Year here at Lawrence with Majors in Vocal Performance and Computer Science. On campus, I'm involved in Intramural Basketball, Judicial Board, and Con choral ensembles. My favorite place on campus is the chapel; even when it’s empty there are pleasantly haunting echoes of honest people making heartfelt music. Why should students be excited about SI? I think of SI as the “jump ahead 3 spaces” card in a board game. Students with the opportunity to experience SI should be excited for an unparalleled experience of campus, Bjorklunden, and a dive into Lawrentian life. When things are busier and crowded, the memories and lessons of SI will stand as a strong foothold of support and guidance.