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Welcome to the Summer Institute! 

August 14 - September 4, 2022

The Summer Institute (SI), is a three-week summer program in which new Lawrentians experience life at Lawrence. The centerpiece of SI is a two-course curriculum in which students engage in the liberal arts tradition of learning as it occurs at Lawrence, through close interaction with our dedicated faculty and collaboration with fellow students. Students also engage with campus resources to enhance their skills and activities that connect them with peers, upperclassmen, and the larger community. SI is held each summer during the three weeks leading up to New Student Orientation. 

  • Curricular:  Participants enroll in two SI courses taught by Lawrence faculty: the SI Seminar, a small, discussion-based, writing-intensive seminar that explores works from a variety of academic disciplines; and Topics in Psychology, a larger, lecture-based exploration of the multifaceted world of the psychological sciences. Successful completion of these courses allows students to earn three academic credits that can be applied toward graduation requirements.


  • Co-curricular: Students further develop their academic skills through workshops, peer-tutoring sessions, and interaction with campus resources and services.


  • Extracurricular: Students are introduced to life at Lawrence by Program Assistants, Lawrence upperclassmen who lead social activities.



Interested in Summer Institute?

Students that have committed to Lawrence may apply to the program from within their Next Steps Lawrentian Portal.

Admitted students who are ready to officially become a Lawrentian, click here to submit your deposit. Shortly after submitting your deposit you will be granted access to your Lawrentian Portal.


Are you already a Summer Institute Participant?

Head to the General Schedule page for Pre-Arrival, Arrival, and Move-in Info!


"[The Summer Institute] was like a practice run for everything that happens at Lawrence, and I think that was my biggest takeaway.  If you’re given an opportunity to perform better, or to prepare yourself so that you can perform better, then why not take it?” - 2014 Participant

Frequently Asked Questions