Student Office Request Form

The library has individual study rooms that are assigned on a term-by-term basis. Preference in assigning library offices is given to seniors working on honors projects and then to students whose research depends heavily on library materials.

Use this form to request an office. Offices are typically assigned at the end of the first week of classes each term. Just so you know: there are typically twice as many requests as available spaces.

Statement of Intent Form

The statement of intent form must be submitted to Antoinette Powell by 3 p.m. on the Friday of the first week of classes during the term in which you intend to file your project). Please hand your form to Professor Powell, room 116 in the Mudd Library (first floor).

You may fill out this form online and print or save it. Print it, obtain your Honors project advisor's signature, sign, and then deliver it to Ms. Powell by the deadline.

Lux Permission Form

Contributors to Lux, Lawrence University's institutional repository, are asked to make their wishes known about the distribution of and access to their work.  After Honors are awarded, Honors Project authors and their advisors come to a decision about access and fill out and sign the permission form.  This form is then brought along when the Honors Projects are loaded into Lux.  The paper copy of the permission form is filed with the physical copy of the Honors Project.