Presentation Schedule

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Session One - Main Hall 104
9:15-9:45 a.m. Kir-Sey Fam Transcribing the Laurentian Codex
9:45-10:15 a.m. Emmylou de Meij A Biographic Analysis of Rachmaninoff’s All Night Vigil
10:15-10:45 a.m.

Abigail Miranda

Hot Takes: Perspectives on the role of geothermal energy in Kamchatka, Russia
Faculty Moderator - Victoria Kononova, Assistant Professor of Russian

Session Two - Main Hall 104
11-11:30 .am. Xiaoxiang Liu The Impact of Chinese Foreign Direct Investment on Sierra Leone
11:30 a.m.-Noon Molly Doruska How Presidential Rhetoric Can Inform Foreign Aid: Evidence from French Post-Colonial Africa
Noon-12:30 p.m. Celeste Hall Prisms of Statelessness
Faculty Moderator - Jesús G. Smith, Assistant Professor of Ethnic Studies


Session One - Main Hall 201
9:15–9:45 a.m. John Newhall (2018 Harrison Award Recipient) Devoted Heroes & Devoted Comics: Muslim Superheroes, Comics, and Fundamentalism
9:45–10:15 a.m. Robert Hayden Qur’anic Opposition to Tribal Thinking: Lessons from the Pre-Islamic Arabic Poetry of `Antarah ibn Shaddad
10:15–10:45 a.m. Meghan Murphy Inside and Outside: Exploring Architecture and Meaning  
Faculty Moderator - Karen Carr, McNaughton Rosebush Professor of Liberal Studies and Professor of Religious Studies


Session Two - Main Hall 201
11–11:30 a.m. Samuel Buse Hacia una nueva retórica de la música española: Francisco Correa de Arauxo, Lope de Vega y la innovación en las artes interpretativas durante el Siglo de Oro.
11:30 a.m.–Noon Sierra Polzin Between the Folds of the Fantastic: An Exploration of Memory and the Spanish Civil War in El espíritu de la colmena, El espinazo del diablo and El laberinto del fauno
Noon–12:30 p.m. Elise Edwards Detrás del disco: El consumismo y la resistencia a la memoria nacional chilena en Tony Manero
Faculty Moderator - Allison Yakel, Assistant Professor of Spanish (Papers presented in Spanish)


Session One - Main Hall 211
9:15–9:45 a.m. Alec Esther “Boundless Heaven Emits Itself”: Affective Echoes and the Reconstitution of Utopia in Porter Robinson’s Virtual Self
9:45–10:15 a.m. Anna Cohen Male Gaze or Male Graze? Considering the Tactile Nature of Rupert Carabin’s 1896 Furniture Set
10:15–10:45 a.m.

Emma Fredrickson

Art Nouveau Architecture in Buenos Aires and the Development of the Chorizo Style
Faculty Moderator - Nancy Lin, Assistant Professor of Art History


Session Two - Main Hall Room 211
11–11:30 a.m. Qiushan Liu Evaluating Measures of Preschooler’s Social Competence
11:30 a.m.–Noon Victoria Passie

The Influence of Race, Stigma and Societal Pressures on: The Mental Health of Black Girls

Noon–12:30 p.m. Brielle Petit Comparing Monolingual and Bilingual Preschoolers’ Performance on Executive Function Tasks
Faculty Moderators - Beth Haines, Professor of Psychology


Session One - Main Hall 216
9:15–9:45 a.m. Mei-An Lee The Culture of Disability and Adoption in China
9:45–10:15 a.m. Margot Wulfsberg Ginseng in Chinese Medicine
Faculty Moderator - Brigid Vance, Assistant Professor of History


Session Two - Main Hall 216

11–11:30 a.m. Clover Austin-Muehleck Here are Some Opportunities Through Ambiguity
11:30 a.m.–Noon Wendell Leafstedt Collage Thinking: Studying Charles Ives’ “Washington’s Birthday”
Faculty Moderator - Julie McQuinn, Associate Professor of Music


Session One - Main Hall 401

9:15–9:45 a.m. Brenna Stevens No One Survives Alone: Traumatic Healing through Storytelling in The OA
9:45–10:15 a.m Emma Swidler Funding Jane Austen: British Heritage and the Marketing of Jane Austen by Chawton House and the Jane Austen House Museum
10:15.–10:45 a.m. Emma Lipkin Look, She Made a Hat: Relationships in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
Faculty Moderator - Gretchen Revie, Reference Librarian and Instruction Coordinator and Associate Professor


Session Two - Main Hall 401

11–11:30 a.m. Jack Lucas The Dissolution of History and the Dawn of the Catastrophic Age
11:30 a.m.–Noon Nina Wilson Cultural Erasure vs. Integration in Andrei Mikhailkov-Konchalovsky’s Pervyi Uchitel’)
Faculty Moderator - Peter John Thomas, Associate Professor of Russian Studies


Session One - Main Hall 404

9:15–9:45 a.m. Hannah Braden A Tale of Two Systems: Comparing Waste Management in Pune and New York City
9:45–10:15 a.m. Sophia Carter The Great Famine: A Study of Demographics 1315–1322
10:15–10:45 a.m. Hayoung Seo The Politics of Waste:  A Look Inside the Lives of Local Wastepickerson Seoul
Faculty Moderator - Jason Brozek, Stephen Edward Scarff Professor of International Affairs and Associate Professor of Government


Session Two - Main Hall 404

11–11:30 a.m. Charlotte Willett Redesigning Transcendence: A Posthumanist Reading of Transcendence in Dave Eggers’ The Circle
11:30 a.m.–Noon Krystin Williams The Black Woman that Media Created: Analyzing Portrayals of Black Women within the Hip-Hop Community from Hoochies to Barbie Dreams
Noon–12:30 p.m. Jake Moore The Maternal Body in James Joyce’s Ulysses: Affirmations of Rebellion
Faculty Moderator - Peter John Thomas


Session One - Main Hall 012

9:15–9:45 a.m. Emma Saiz Analysis of ‘Celebrity’ in American English and Russian using COCA and RNS Corpora and Yandex Search Engine Queries
9:45–10:15 a.m. Yonglin Wang Resolving the Garden Path Effects in Machine Translation
10:15–10:45 a.m. Margaret Davis Petronius’s Cena Trimalchionis as a Portrait of Linguistic Insecurity
Faculty Moderator - Mark Phelan, Associate Professor of Philosophy


Session Two - Main Hall 012

11–11:30 a.m. Elias Hubbard Cuckoldry and the “Gone for a Soldier” Narrative: Infidelity and Performance among Eighteenth-Century English Plebeians
11:30–Noon Maxwell Craig Sensitivity and Pacifism in James Macpherson’s Fragments of Ancient Poetry
Noon–12:30 p.m. Katherine Stein A Revolution in Gothic Manners: The Rise of Sentiment from Walpole to Radcliffe
Faculty Moderator - Celia Barnes, Associate Professor of English


Session One - Main Hall 003

9:15–9:45 a.m. Kieran Laursen Burning the Thumb: The Michigan Thumb Fire of 1881
9:45–10:15 a.m. Sophie Penniman The Americanization of Betty May: Articulation of American Identity in a 1937 Travel Diary
10:15–10:45 a.m. Miranda Salazar The Honor System: Investigation and Reformation
Faculty Moderator - Jake Frederick, Professor of History


Session Two - Main Hall 003

11–11:30 a.m. Sara Armstrong A Natural Sentiment: Romanticism, Sentimentalism, and Frances Ellen Watkins Harper’s New Definition of the Natural in Abolitionist Poetry
11:30 a.m.–Noon Nigel Webster American Poets of the 19th Century
Noon–12:30 p.m. Alixandra Shuger The Multiplicitous Discourse of Olaudah Equian
Faculty Moderator - Melissa Range, Assistant Professor of English