From 1969 to the present, there have been 65 Watson Fellows from Lawrence. Here is a list of all of our Watson winners, what they studied, and where they went:

+ 1960–1969

Ronald Broomell: Ethnomusicology and Composition
Spain 1969

+ 1970–1979

Howard Sell: Contemporary Theatre
Spain, France, Italy 1970

Anthony Vaughan: Poetry
British Columbia

Christopher Young: Theater
Great Britain 1971

J. Ray: Education’s Impact on Political and Economic Modernization
Europe, Asia

David Jones: Writing and Studies in Anglo-Welsh Literature
England, Wales 1972

Mark Facknitz: Writing
France, India, Mexico 1973

Susan Dean: Organ Literature and Organ Building
Germany, France, Austria, Holland

Mary Jordan: Attitudes Toward Law
Great Britain, Eastern Europe, USSR

Michael Magnusen: Musical Theater
England, USSR 1974

Jeffrey Martin: Citizen Participation in New Town Planning
England, France, Scandinavia 1975

Steven Licata: The Ethos of Sport
East & West Germany, England, Italy

Katherine Ellis: Mime and Poetry
France (Paris), England

Elisabeth Van Ingen Steward: Voice Studies
France 1976

Carol Fessler: Vocal Studies
Germany, Italy

Michael Lofton: Opera Management
United Kingdom, France

John Montgomery: Study of Hurdy-Gurdy Construction and Other String Instruments
France, 1977

James Klick: Cotton Mills and the Profitability of Slavery
England, 1978

Cynthia Estlund: Government Policy Towards Working Women

Janet Palumbo-Lavery: Medieval and Renaissance Music
Italy, Belgium, England, West Germany, Switzerland 1979

+ 1980–1989

Douglas Honnold: Settlement and Nutritional Projects for the Tuareg Nomads
Mali 1980

Michael Troy: Cognitive Development Among Belfast Youth
Northern Ireland

Christine Mollvik: Chamber Music
England, Denmark, Germany, Austria 1981

Peter Olsen: Four Schools of the French Horn
Great Britain, West Germany, East Germany 1982

Terry Moran: Economic Development in Four Irish Communities

David Arnosti: European Perspective of the Nuclear Arms Race
West Germany, France, United Kingdom, Sweden, Switzerland, Finland

Frederick Bartol: Comparison of National Railway Systems
Western Europe, Japan 1983

Emily Copeland: Refugee Relief Programs and Organizations
Switzerland, Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Germany, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Zambia

Christopher Matheus: The Impact of Industrial Robots
Japan, England

Beverly Larson: France and the Politics of Identity and Frenchness
France 1984

Laurie Hovell McMillin: Buddhist Renaissance in India
India, Nepal, Sri Lanka

Peter Dulak: Choral Music Education
United Kingdom

Carol Arnosti: Maritime Traditions
Northern Europe, Scandinavia, France, United Kingdom, Germany 1985

Resli Costabell: Thalidomide Victims as Adults
United Kingdom 1986

Douglas Mason: Impact of Deforestation on Bird Populations
Brazil, Ecuador, Costa Rica

Brian Pertl: Exploring Harmonics: Didjeridu and Tibetan Buddhist Chant
Australia, Tibet, Nepal, India 1987

Michael Youngblood: Cultures in Extreme Climates
Countries: Greenland, Sudan 1988

Eva Nell: Migration of Buddhism Along the Silk Route
India, Pakistan, China, Japan

David Worley: A Cross-cultural Study of Distance Runners
Norway, Kenya, Finland 1989

+ 1990–1999

Barbara Luka: Herbal Folk Remedies
Hungary 1990

Amy Jacobs: Production & Symbolism of Turkish Carpets
Turkey, Soviet Union 1992

Cory Nettles: Prospects for Democracy
Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe 1993

Barbara Zabawa-Lodholz: Preventive vs. Curative Medicine in Public Health
United Kingdom, Sweden, Netherlands 1994

John Van Oss: Sturgeon Fisheries
Romania, Hungary, Germany, France, Austria, Italy, Slovakia, Czech Republic 1995

Priya Udeshi: Immigration & Asylum Policies
Netherlands, United Kingdom

William Rohrbach: Art Museums and Cultural Heritage
Taiwan, China 1996

Gia Super: Exploring the Political, Economic & Social Effects of Textile Co-operatives
Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, Guatemala

Kira Brownell: The Role of Nature in Japanese Culture

Erica Tryon: West African Art and the Western Art Trade
Ivory Coast, Benin, Ghana, Great Britain 1997

Scott Leier: Special Economic Zones and Privatization: An Economic Miracle?

Matthew Magolan: A Year on Hudson Bay: Kayaking and the Discovery of Inuit Culture

Megan Ward: George Eliot’s Life as a Literary Journey
Germany, Italy, Switzerland, United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Austria, Hungary 1999

Kathleen Noss: African-Influenced Music and Dance in Bolivia, Peru, Hati and Belize
Bolivia, Peru, Haiti and Belize

+ 2000–2009

Justin Ritzinger: Pilgrim’s Projects: Chinese Buddhist Pilgrimages
Taiwan, Singapore, People’s Republic of China, Hong Kong 2001

Julianne Carney: Modern Legacies of Historic European Violin Schools
Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, France, England 2002

Caroline Bowles: Craft and Context of Traditional Jewelry
Niger, France, Norway

Sally Schonfeld: Woman the Hunter: Connections to Land, Sea and Animal through Hunting
Chile, Tanzania, Canada 2003

Ansel Wallenfang: Conventions of Asian Music: A Study of Traditions through the Tabla and Erhu
China, India 2004

Janie Ondracek:  The Corners of the Table: An Exploration of Culinary Customs and Techniques
France, India, Japan 2005

Benjamin Klein: Stirring Music’s Melting Pot: Active Innovation with the Tuba
The Netherlands, Australia, China

Kelly  White: A Year on the East Asian-Australasian Flyway
Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Russia 2007

Micha Jackson: Treatment of Marine Resources: Conservation Across Cultures
Palau, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Australia 2008

Valeria Rojas-Infantas: Ethnic Discrimination and Social Exclusion in Latin America
Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador 2009

Madhuri Vijay: The Two “I”s in “Indian”: Writing the Stories of the Indian Diaspora
Tanzania, Fiji, Malaysia, South Africa 2010

+ 2010–

Alex Winter: Video Game Culture Studies in East Asia
Korea, China, Japan