Financial Aid and Off-Campus Study

To promote equitable access to off-campus study, Lawrence University provides financial assistance to students who wish to participate in one of Lawrence's approved off-campus programs by allowing Lawrence institutional financial aid to apply.  The following financial aid policy information will begin starting in the Fall of 2019.  For the 2018-2019 academic year policy, please click here.

Off-Campus Programs Charges and Financial Aid

If you are eligible for financial aid when on campus, your financial aid (other than student employment) will be applied toward the cost of an approved off-campus program. This includes federal, state, and institutional scholarships, grants, and loans.  Exceptions to how financial aid may apply to off-campus program costs include students who receive ACM Tuition Remission (TREP) and Lawrence University Tuition Remission (LUTR).

Lawrence University students participating in Lawrence approved off-campus programs will be billed regular Lawrence University tuition for programs equal in length to a Lawrence University term, or an off-campus program’s semester tuition rate for programs longer than 12 weeks.  If the program tuition is higher than the applicable Lawrence term or off-campus semester tuition, the student will be billed the differential tuition amount.  In addition to tuition, and in lieu of on-campus room and board, Lawrence University students will be billed the program fee assessed by the off-campus program they are attending.  The program fee typically covers all or a portion of housing and food expenses and may include costs for local transportation, excursions, etc.

NOTE: The Lawrence University off-campus program term tuition rate for 2020-2021 is $16,886, and the off-campus program semester tuition rates for 2020-2021 is $18,576.

ACM Tuition Remission (TREP)/Lawrence University Tuition Remission (LUTR)

Per the ACM TREP policy document, ACM TREP benefits are only applicable toward the cost of Lawrence administered programs, which includes the London Centre and Senegal programs.  For ACM TREP recipients opting to participate in a Lawrence-approved program, Lawrence will continue to provide the Lawrence University funded portion of the TREP benefit, but will not bill the home college for their portion of the benefit.

LUTR will apply toward the cost of all Lawrence administered and approved off-campus programs; however the benefit will be capped at the payment rate for a regular term of tuition and will not be adjusted for differential or higher tuition.

Additional Cost Information

The cost for some off-campus study programs may be greater than the cost of studying for the same period of time on-campus.  You should consider out-of-pocket expenses when selecting a program.  Comprehensive cost estimates for all Lawrence approved programs are available from the Financial Aid office.  Students considering off-campus study should meet with the Financial Aid office. 

Students are encouraged to pursue additional scholarship opportunities to assist with the incremental cost of off-campus program participation. See the Off-Campus Study Funding page for more information about scholarships and funding options for off-campus study.  Additional scholarships (LU dedicated funding for study abroad, scholarships from program providers, and outside scholarships) will be supplemental to your Lawrence financial aid award.

Any student who will need financial assistance to fund an off-campus study program should submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as early as possible during the year preceding their proposed program. Even those not qualifying for need-based aid may wish to investigate ways to offset the  expense through either an unsubsidized Stafford Student Loan or a parental PLUS loan; students considering these options should also submit the FAFSA.

Students are encouraged to pursue outside scholarship opportunities to assist with the incremental cost of off-campus programs. See the Off-Campus Study Funding page for more information about scholarships and funding options for off-campus study.

Billing, Deposits, & Refunds

Students participating in LU-sponsored or -affiliated off-campus programs are invoiced through their Lawrence student account for tuition and billable program fees.

Most programs require a confirmation deposit from students to officially accept their offer of admission. For affiliated programs, students pay this deposit directly to the program provider.  Students accepted to a Lawrence sponsored program will receive more information about this confirmation deposit upon acceptance. The deposit for an affiliated or sponsored program cannot be billed to a student's Lawrence student account.

Lawrence honors the refund, cancellation, and withdrawal policies of our partner institutions.  Once a student accepts placement in a program, the program provider begins preparations for their participation.  If, after a student commits to a program, they withdraw or do not participate for any reason, most program providers hold the individual student accountable for some to all of the costs incurred on their behalf.  Students should make themselves aware of these policies of the organization providing their program.