CISI Insurance

All students attending a Lawrence-sponsored or -affiliated program will be enrolled in a travel insurance program. Lawrence uses Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI) insurance for health, assistance and evacuation insurance.  For more information about coverage, please visit International Health, Assistance and Evacuation Insurance

Emergency Contacts

Although emergencies are rare, in the event of emergency, please make sure you always carry your insurance coverage cards with you, as well as some form of identity (that varies depending on where you will be traveling).  It is also helpful to have emergency contact numbers from your program provider with you at all times, as well as the contact information of the closest U.S. embassy (or the embassy of your home country if not the U.S.) and the closest hospital (won’t always be ‘911’).  If you will be in a location where you are not entirely familiar with the language, it is also helpful to carry the address of where you will be living in the event you get lost.  Again, emergencies are rare, but please be sure to keep your health and safety in mind at all times.   

Emergency Contact on Campus
Campus Safety: Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a week \ Able to connect you with Student Life staff member \ 920.832.6999

Financial Aid, Scholarships and Funding

There are many resources available to students wanting to study off-campus.  Aside from all institutional, state and federal aid traveling with students in their Financial Aid package, Lawrence also provides many scholarships opportunities made possible by generous alumni and family gifts.  The Off-Campus Programs Office has also compiled a list of additional outside resources from program provider aid, private and public scholarships opportunities and other creative funding resources.  Please see Off-Campus Study Funding.

Identity and Inclusion

Studying off-campus can be a transformational experience in a student’s academic and personal development.  These programs offer opportunities for students to engage first-hand with their subject matter while living and learning in a culturally immersive environment.  In an increasingly global workforce, the cross-cultural skills gained from off-campus study are in more demand now than ever.

Lawrence is committed to the idea that these powerful experiences be inclusive of students from all backgrounds.  As your students consider options for studying off-campus, it is important that they are aware of and research factors that may impact their experiences living in a new culture.  The Off-Campus Programs Office has collected various resources and information on Identity and Inclusion in Off-Campus Programs to use as a starting point for student research into identity(ies) in a different cultural context.

Travel Policies

Lawrence University closely monitors travel safety in order to ensure the health and safety of all of our traveling students, staff and faculty.  For the most up-to-date information on travel policies, please see Off-Campus Programs Policies and Procedures.