Faculty support, encouragement, and advising are critical to students having a successful study abroad experience.  The support of a respected mentor in their field can help encourage hesitant students to consider unique educational opportunities such as study abroad.  Some students do not see study abroad as a viable option for them.  For some first generation college students, students of color or from non-majority backgrounds, students from a high-need background, science students, music students, or student athletes, personal encouragement from faculty to consider studying abroad is influential.  Your encouragement might be the first time a student sees the benefits of study abroad as accessible to them.

Requesting a class visit or dedicated info meeting
The Off-Campus Programs office is happy to work with faculty who would like the Off-Campus Programs Office to discuss study abroad opportunities (generally or  pertaining to a specific program) relevant to your course or major field.  This has been done as brief presentations to a class, through a dedicated informational meeting, and through other means.  Please contact the Off-Campus Programs office to discuss how we can best work with you to best encourage student study abroad participation. 

Resources for faculty to support off-campus study
Please follow links below or to the left for information about how faculty can encourage their students to consider off-campus study, support students during the process, and help facilitate students processing their experiences upon their return to campus: