CAS staff are here to serve you during the term. Click the buttons below for more information.

Walk-in hours with the Dean of Academic Success, Dr. Monita Mohammadian Gray

Walk-in hours are now being held in-person in the CAS (2nd floor of the library). Students are seen on a first-come, first-served basis. Sign in when you enter the CAS space.

Weeks 1-7:
Tuesdays & Wednesdays, 1:30-3:00 PM (CST)

Week 8-Finals:
Monday-Friday, 1:30-3:00 PM

+ Find Assistance from a CAS Staff Member

Have a question? Need to chat? Meet up with a staff member below! 

Academic Skills Help Joanna Morey
Julie Haurykiewicz
Academic Counseling Kate Zoromski
Academic Policies, Procedures,
Petitions, and Exceptions
Monita Mohammadian Gray
Kate Zoromski
Incompletes Monita Mohammadian Gray
Kate Zoromski
Leaves of Absences / Withdrawals Monita Mohammadian Gray
Kate Zoromski
Connection to Resources Julie Haurykiewicz
Kate Zoromski
Cecile Despres-Berry
Joanna Morey
Tutoring Questions Julie Haurykiewicz
Multi-Language Learner Support Cecile Despres-Berry
General Academic Questions Monita Mohammadian Gray
Julie Haurykiewicz
Kate Zoromski

This is not an exhaustive list of services. If you don't see your topic listed above, contact or join any of the student walk-in hours below and we can refer you to the appropriate staff member.

+ Schedule a Meeting with a CAS Staff Member

+ Tutoring Information

CAS tutors are available to support students' work in most courses offered at LU.

The best ways for students to get connected with a tutor during the academic year are as follows:

Drop-In Writing Tutoring
Hours: Sun-Thurs: 1-11pm & Fri-Sat: 1-5pm
Location: 2nd floor of the library (in the CAS)

Drop-in Math Tutoring
Check course syllabi & Canvas for information

Other Types of Tutoring

  1. Students should contact a tutor directly whenever possible. To locate a tutor, students should check course syllabi, Canvas, and/or ask their instructors who the tutors are for a particular course.
  2. If a student wants to work with the same tutor throughout the term, they can simply make arrangements with the tutor about how meet in an ongoing manner.
  3. To request a tutor more generally (for any subject/assignment in which a tutor has not already been identified), a student can use the tutor request form in Voyager (a direct link is also available on the CAS website and in Voyager under the Center for Academic Success tab—>Tutor Request form). CAS staff monitor requests in Voyager and assign them to tutors throughout the day.
  4. If a student experiences difficulty in connecting with a tutor, they should contact Julie directly.

Students should be aware of any requirements for or restrictions on tutoring made by individual course instructors (e.g., you must meet with a tutor before submitting a certain assignment or you cannot work with a tutor on certain assignments). The LU Honor Code will, as always, be in place whenever a student works with a tutor.

Julie Haurykiewicz is available to answer questions or provide support to both instructors and students regarding tutoring.


+ Accessibility Services

Establishing eligibility for academic accommodations with Accessibility Services is a three-step process:

  1. Self-identify to Accessibility Services by completing an Eligibility Request Form.
  2. Gather your disability documentation.
  3. Schedule an intake appointment with the Accessibility Services Specialist by responding to a meeting request email from, which you will receive after submitting the Eligibility Request Form.

Please contact Joanna Morey with questions related to disability, equal access, and academic accommodations by emailing


+ Academic Skills

Students seeking help with study skills, organization, and test preparation can contact Joanna Morey at to schedule an appointment.


+ English Language Services

Contact Cecile Despres-Berry to set up an appointment for English language services, including writing or speaking consultations. We can work together over email, zoom, telephone, etc.


+ Academic Counseling

Academic counseling will be available through Zoom throughout spring term. You can schedule appointments as usual using the Calendly app below. Once your appointment is set, Kate will contact you with the Zoom invitation.


+ UNIC 117

Two sections of the class are running spring term (asychronously). If you have questions about the class, you can contact Kate Zoromski (


+ Online Study Habits & Strategies Guide

Please find the document in PDF format and Microsoft Word format below: