Academic Success Courses

UNIC 104 Introduction to Liberal Learning
An introduction to the rigorous tradition of liberal learning at Lawrence University, this course includes two components: a seminar emphasizing close reading of works in various disciplines, classroom discussion and writing thesis-driven essays; and a study of topics in a particular academic discipline through lecture-based instruction, assigned reading and discussion. Units: 3. Offered as part of the Summer Institute.

UNIC 117 Investigating Academic Success: Cognitive and Affective Theories in Practice
This course is designed to introduce students to cognitive and affective theories that can positively impact success in a university environment. Integration of current theory and evidence-based research allows students to study and apply effective strategies applicable to their own academic lives. Units: 3. Offered every term.

ESL Courses

The following courses are open to all non-native speakers of English.  Contact the instructor for information about the course and approval to register.  In addition, a limited number of directed study and tutorial courses are offered each term for students interested in pursuing a specific goal in a one-on-one or small group class.  Contact Cecile Despres-Berry for details.

UNIC 103 Introduction to Liberal Learning for International Students
This course provides an introduction to learning in the liberal arts tradition at Lawrence University, with a special focus on the challenges faced by international, non-native speakers of English. The specific works and topics may vary each year, but will be representative of the courses typically encountered by first-year students. In addition, the course will focus on the aspects of academic language and culture that often present hurdles for international students. Units: 3. Offered as part of the Summer Institute for International Students.

UNIC 115 ESL: English for Academic Purposes I
This course will offer non-native speakers of English the opportunity to further develop key academic language skills including: writing and structuring academic essays, discussion strategies, listening and note-taking skills, reading and vocabulary development. Additional language concerns will be addressed as needed. Units: 3. Offered in the fall.

UNIC 116 ESL: English for Academic Purposes II
A continuation of English for Academic Purposes I, this course gives non-native speakers of English additional experience developing written and oral academic language skills and understanding the conventions of American academic culture. Students will improve their ability to effectively express complex ideas in English with ease, accuracy and fluency. Units: 3. Offered in the winter.

UNIC 207 ESL: Speaking and Listening
This course focuses on developing speaking and listening skills in English, with a focus on clearer and more accurate pronunciation. Units: 3 OR 6. Offered in the spring.

UNIC 208 ESL: Advanced Communicative English
This course focuses on developing increased communicative competence in English as a second language. In addition, it introduces some of the components of communication and the conventions of discourse in English. Units: 6. Offered in the winter.

UNIC 214 ESL Through American Fiction
Through close reading and analysis of American fiction, students program will develop their English language proficiency and their understanding of American culture. Units: 6. Offered in the winter.

UNIC 215 ESL Through World Literature
Students will develop reading comprehension and conversational skills through the discussion of stories, poems, and novels. Units: 6. Offered in the spring.


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